Zoomie Headers


Dan Olson zoomie headers are designed for use on injected fuel, blown gas, or blown fuel engines. Available for race boats, dragster, or truck and tractor pullers.


Olson Racing Headers are available for the following heads: Brad Anderson, Arias, Brodix, Chevrolet Big Block, Chevrolet Small Block, Chrysler Hemi, 392, Chrysler Hemi, 426, Dart, Ford AR, Ford Motorsports, Alan Johnson, Oldsmobile

Drag Race Alky Headers

Header Options  and Accessories

Header Covers,Polished Aluminum Part No. HC100

Water Line Kit Part No. WL100

Chrome Plating Please Call

Drag Race Headers

Drag Race Alky Headers

Drag Boat Headers, Jet

Drag Boat Headers, Flat Bottom

SST Drag Hydro Headers

SST Drag Hydro Headers

Dan Olson Racing Products

Part No. DRZ40

Part No. AF740

Part No. DBZ25

Part No. DBZ40

Part No. SST45

Top Fuel Drag Race Headers

Part No. TFZ30

Truck Puller Headers 24" Tall

Part No. TPZ24

Tractor Puller Headers

Part No. TPZ15

SBC Zoomie

Standard Dragster Headers

Part No. DRZ40